They say success comes with a hefty price tag and those who don’t support it will most certainly deep discount the elevation. I haven’t reached the mountain top just yet for I can barely see the summit from here; however, what I can envision with my eyes closed and on the Lord that it’s better than hundreds of fantasies and dreams combined.

I walk with utmost Faith and Trust in the journey of purpose. I recognize realistically, at times, I will be instructed to sit at the table with those who will only know me by my first name as a business courtesy. They won’t desire to know my last name, a name of ordered steps by the Most High because they won’t have with the same humility and gratitude taste palate nor can digest the same value of nutrition which nowadays seems to be an acquired taste. And its okay. I had to learn that it has to be okay.

I honestly won’t want to sit at the head table alone anyways. I need orchestrated kicks of challenges and matrix-like enforcements for how else can I find my true strength and inner superhero. Transformation comes from chaos. Look at the lotus flower.

I want God to put a lotus flower as the center piece of my table. In closing, there are no true enemies just people of complex collectiveness with different mindsets. Go ahead and find a seat, I would suggest the one facing the sunshine. That is where Glory is also seated.

Published by proverbsthirty1

An everyday woman with insight, mindfulness, peace, and the deliberate intent to share my life experiences so they can serve as life lessons to other women and young ladies trying to know and find themselves in the journey of life.

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