Never alone…

I had a wonderful lunch with a former co-worker today. There is something about being present for someone and actively listening to their voice as they share their moments. You feel privileged in that space of presence especially in the world where the cell phone often serves as the fill-in as one’s ears. I heard her words and the woes that came out of the consonants and vowels that honestly spelled out the state of her life since I last seen her.

It didn’t take more than a minute after we sat down for our Greek salad and chicken and waffle brunch that I sensed that this outlet was long overdue.

It’s a wonder or maybe not that we would need a friend for more than a rainy day. I didn’t know she was going through it. I suppose I didn’t because I was in my own world making the world turn as best as God has allowed me to. I shared with her my relationship with Him. I told her that no matter where I think I am in life and who I thought I was suppose to be in this life, I was never doing for the Gram..but that God already had this setup for me. And he for her. I asked her so candidly, gently and mindfully, which one of your faculties aren’t functioning to their full capacity right now? She looked at me and simply smiled. I realized that things are better said than done but if his WILL has already been done, how much more evidence do we need that everything will be just fine.

There is no miracle moment that makes the sun smile bigger nor the moon to glisten brighter but in any given moment it can be better than just a few moments ago or days ago or years ago.

Reality is, I believe that we aren’t alone but in our thoughts. My coworker sent me a followup text on how I made her feel better. My feel better is that she knows in her spirit that if she needs me, all she has to do is call. There is no true emptiness in the world of God. She left the restaurant fed and loved.

Published by proverbsthirty1

An everyday woman with insight, mindfulness, peace, and the deliberate intent to share my life experiences so they can serve as life lessons to other women and young ladies trying to know and find themselves in the journey of life.

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