I had to start typing before I lost my thoughts which swarmed thicker and noiser than a million honey bees meeting their Queen for the first time. I get it. My purpose. My inner voice of purpose.

It goes back to three very important significant signs over the course of my life. That actually just made sense this very moment. First, it was the song “Africa” by the 80’s group Toto. Secondly, it was that moment in the Suds Your Duds laundromat when I was 9 years. And lastly, my EIN for my end-of-life services business that has xx-xx821xx.

There had always been a longing and connection to the song “Africa” for me ever since I heard it in the early 80’s when I first came to the U.S. It stuck deep in my spirit as it just PLAYED in my heart today at the age of 46 years that made me fall to my knees. It made sense now that it was all about home. Finding myself. My inner sanctuary of HOME. If we can dig historical annals and I believe that without a shadow of doubt, civilization started in Africa. The song was symbolic of HOME. That I wouldn’t be able to do nor be of significant in my lifetime until I found that grounding. That safe haven of the lights always on for me. It was through the darkness of times from Vietnam War, divorce and loss through death that I found HOME. Now as I commit my whole life of service. It is my home base. And that no matter where the road may lead for me, I will always be safe just I knowing that HOME is truly where my heart and soul resides.

Then comes the moment I heard that song again when I was 9 years old and I sang along quietly as I waited for the clothes to dry at the laundromat. Someone whom is very close to me heard me and stated “You are weird to sing that song, people will think you are mentally retarded.” That stung heavily in my side but It was truly a blessing that they saw my light of life well before I could conceive of it. I was different? I was unique? I am anointed? To know now is what that person was really saying to me. And now, I have to gather my epiphany and DO something AWESOME.

Then comes the synergy of the two collectives I just shared, my business EIN number that significantly and wonderfully had the date of the day my son Timothy passed away. What a blessing it is NOW to come to acceptance and understanding that all things truly do work together for those who trust in the Lord. I had no one else to trust that would understand this but the Holy Spirit “who began a good work in me will carry it on to the completion until the day of Jesus Christ.”

As I roll up my final thoughts of AHA, I come to know why I am here and I have no regrets of why I had those trials and tribulations of my life. Because today I heard my son say, “Mom, you know it’s me.”

Thank you.

Published by proverbsthirty1

An everyday woman with insight, mindfulness, peace, and the deliberate intent to share my life experiences so they can serve as life lessons to other women and young ladies trying to know and find themselves in the journey of life.

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