I want to know was it Me that you were really looking for? Did you seek Me or an image of beauty that alluded you earlier in the day? It feels that way when you are mistaken as a representative of ambiguity. I took some time off and kinda sorta on purpose from my writing and expressing my life through these keystrokes. I am proud to say that I have a new plan and a new shade of love. And absolutely no shade to allow love to cover my life hereafter.

HELLO, are you still there? It’s the first thing you say to someone to get their attention and it’s the nicest thing to say to someone when you meet for the first time. It shows kindness and readiness to know them. I know me more today than I accepted yesterday. I feel as if I am coming back from the abyss of creativity. Are you ready to read what I have to say and if not, we all have excess time now to caress the buttons of Google search keys and find something to entertain us. So let me entertain you from here.

I had been volunteering with a great nonprofit that serves veterans and their motto is that “May No Soldier Go Unloved” I truly appreciated that gift of service to those veterans as it was my BIG Thank you to them. It is disheartening to see and witness homelessness and poverty in the lives of the veterans when they have truly sacrificed so much for America and across the seas. I will forever be moved. It has shifted my soul.

I also continued to serve as a hospice volunteer and the memories and the profound experience of the end-of-life experience shared and supported with those I made contact with will forever anchor my life.

Hello. I am empty in this world of extra stuff. I want to leave empty from this world. I will continue to serve in my God-given purpose. I called out to Yahweh this morning and asked to be in the presence of his counsel and he gently advised me that my first echo of “Hello” was the one whisper that he had been waiting for from me.

I found an old picture of myself when I was trying to find myself. You know that one or one of many images that we think captures our best but when in reality, it really shows the evolving self to the right person to sees us honestly. It was one I took after I landed my first real job as an adult. Hello and good-bye though. Life is different today.

Today, I am here to serve humanity. God would be proud of me this moment.


Published by proverbsthirty1

An everyday woman with insight, mindfulness, peace, and the deliberate intent to share my life experiences so they can serve as life lessons to other women and young ladies trying to know and find themselves in the journey of life.

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