Beloved, I can’t….

In the background stillness as I crawl from under the warmth of my comforter to blog..”that all of humankind has gone astray” whisper….well, an excerpt from the Bible from the Psalm of David. I had gone astray in my thought being. And given the isolation of the last couple of weeks, you can only imagine that my monkey mind has climbed mountains and jumped from cliffs.

Oh Beloved, I can’t do it anymore. I can’t chase nor pursue desires that are less than what God has been trying to seep deep into my life and humble spirit. I can run mini marathons and make good time on my jogs but lately, my breathing capacity is labored and I fell into pain. Briefly I gasped desperately to live not just survive. Then I was thrown a lifeline of truth and trust that only God can extend in his ever ready moment of Grace.

Beloved, We live in the world of people over profit. Where people MUST be over profit. So Beloved, I can’t do it anymore. I can’t clutter my mind with survival thoughts and making it thoughts. God has been in control and he continues to give me PEACE everlasting. I will surrender to his way. Get out of my way. What else do I have left?

Published by proverbsthirty1

An everyday woman with insight, mindfulness, peace, and the deliberate intent to share my life experiences so they can serve as life lessons to other women and young ladies trying to know and find themselves in the journey of life.

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